Arne Larsen - Actor, Singer, Producer

In 1999 I joined a local community theatre production of The Pirates of Penzance. Working as a policeman at the time, I had forgotten how much FUN it was to "play". Little did I know that this one little show would take my life down a completely different path. Present day: Having logged some 10,000+ hours in rehearsal & performance, I have since had the great privilege to perform in over 50 productions, local and international, and work with (and learn from) some very talented fellow actors, directors, coaches and instructors.

A 2009 Ovation Award Winner for performances in RENT (Tom Collins, SOL Soloist & Ensemble - FCP) and A New Brain (Mr Bungee - PTP), and a 2005 CTC Award Winner for his performance in HMS Pinafore (Dick Deadeye - FVGSS), recent roles include The Fantasticks (El Gallo - G7 Theatre), The Great American Trailer Park Musical (Norbert - Ghost Light Projects), HMS Pinafore (Capt Corcoran - FVS), The Sound Of Music (Franz - Gateway Theatre), The Pirates of Penzance (Pirate King - COT); Little Me (Bernie Buchbaum - APPLAUSE!); Yeoman of the Guard - in which Arne also played Trumpet in the Orchestra (Jack Point - NSLOS); ANNIE (Warbucks - CSOPA & FDR, Mr Bundles & Ens - Gateway); Sweeney Todd (Judge Turpin - FCP); Ruddigore (Sir Despard - NSLOS); SAFE (Truss - WRPC); and Fiddler On The Roof (Tevye - G7, UBCGS & FVS).

A multi-year soloist/performer for the very successful annual Surrey Food Bank Fundraiser, A Night On Broadway, other memorable roles include Aladdin - which Arne also produced (Abanazar - FVGSS); Excalibur (Dame Mummy Penny - FVGSS); Pimpinone (Pimpinone) and Kaffe Kantate (Scheldrian), both for Opera Appassionata; and Princess Ida (Arac) and Iolanthe (Lord Mountararat) both in Festival in Buxton, England - where Arne returned in Aug 2012 to perform HMS Pinafore (Capt Corcoran).

As always, Arne thanks and sends much love to his family and friends for all their support, both on and off stage.

Now please turn off all mobile devices and enjoy the show! :)